Annis Harrison


A British Subject

Staring out defiantly, the young subjects of these portraits are forging their identity in a shifting and unpredictable cultural and political landscape.

At a time when the very notions of ‘Britishness’

and ‘Englishness’ are under the microscope, 

these mixed-heritage teens are demanding a place at the table.

Forbidden Fruit

Presented as pairs, these ceramics focus on the positive tension between different groups of

people, and celebrate blossoming sexuality in

a multicultural landscape.


Neger Bollar

For a strong-headed, mixed-race girl growing up

in 20th century Sweden, role models and cultural references were a bit thin on the ground.


In a country where chocolate fondants were commonly known as ‘nigger balls’, it was necessary to tread my own path, and to forge

my own identity.

Kamasutra LDN

This provocative series of textiles is a cheeky

riposte to cultural conservatism, and a tongue in cheek celebration of different communities 

getting down and dirty in London. 


Stolen Hours

The fragility and struggle of being both a mother and a woman inspired these pieces - the intensity of striking a balance between your identity, your sexuality and your sense of self.

North / South

This piece is about the unique confluence of cultures in London. The patterns on the surface shapes are inspired by different textiles from around the world, reflecting the rich mix of a 

global metrolpolis.


Red Snapper

Record cover design for critically acclaimed band Red Snapper, signed to Warp records.


Annis Harrison is a multi-media artist who lives and works in London. 

Of Swedish and Jamaican heritage, she adopted the UK as home after attending St Martins Art College.


Both in Sweden and in the UK, Annis has always occupied her own space, having a foot in more than one culture, more than one ethnicity, more than one language. 

Neither outside nor inside.

Her art has always reflected this fascinating cultural duality. 


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